In September 2019, the ITE Workgroup was founded, with a mandate to create a national effort to professionalize interpreting and translation in education. In May 2021, the ITE Workgroup it became the American Association of Interpreters and Translators in Education, a professional association.
Since 2019, we have been systematically growing the organization through the foundation of an initial steering committee which, through a consensus process, created an Admin Committee and five Working Committees with Co-Chairs and Members. These committees formed in March and April, 2020, despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.AAITE's working committees are described below.

Job Task Analysis Committee

The purpose of this committee is to conduct a national analysis of the duties, responsibilities, and working conditions of interpreters and translators who provide language and communication access in education to students and their families, and to offer guidance based on the results.


Ethics and Standards Committee

The purpose of this committee is to lead a national analysis of existing code of ethics and standards of practices in education for Interpreters and Translators, and offer recommendations to the AAITE Board of Directors towards the adoption of a code of ethics and standards of practices tailored to the professional responsibilities of Interpreters and Translators in education in the United States.


Best Practices Committee

The mission of this committee is to gather, analyze, create and disseminate best practices for interpreting and translation in education, to be included in guidelines, recommendations and other media forms for use by stakeholders, as the profession evolves.
Available for download: Best Practices in Remote Interpreting


Governance Committee

The purpose of this committee is to form the structural framework of AAITE to which members and internal committees can refer for guidance on significant aspects of the organization, including but not limited to, leadership, decision-making processes, and composition of committees through collaboration and feedback from the Leadership Committee, Work-Committees, and AAITE at large, when appropriate.


Communications & Outreach Committee

The purpose of this committee is to work with other committees across AAITE to inform a wide range of audiences in the U.S. and worldwide about our work. This committee is committed to creating communications that engage and inform various audiences and that promote the work of the organization.


If you are interested in joining our effort and volunteering for a committee, we invite you to consider becoming an AAITE member to participate and make a difference!