Our Work: Presentations and Publications



 December 2022

LEO 6th International Virtual Conference: United We Grow

Opening Panel: “What the Future Holds: An in-depth conversation about the future of our profession”

Panel Member: Giovanna Carriero-Contreras

September 2022

OSTI Conference 2022

“Interpreting and Translation in Education: Out of the Shadows and into the Spotlight”

Presenters: Giovanna Carriero-Contreras and Gabriela Siebach

October 2021

ATA 62 - Minneapolis, MN

“Employer Requirement for Interpreters and Translators in Education: A Preliminary Analysis of 300+ Job Descriptions”

Presenters: Yazmin Aceves and Dr. Holly Silvestri

September 2021

OCDE 5th Annual Interpreters and Translators Virtual Conference: On the Road to Professionalization

“You are Looking for What? A Nationwide Analysis of Job Descriptions for Interpreters & Translators in Education”

Presenters: Sandra Ledesma and Gabriela Espinoza Siebach

October 2020

ITE Workgroup 2nd Annual Meeting

Job Task Analysis

Presenters: Leslie Padilla Williams and Gabriela Siebach

September 2020

OCDE 4th Annual Interpreters and Translators Virtual Conference: 21st Century Multilingual Pathways for Educational Interpreting and Translation

Job Task Analysis

Presenters: Leslie Padilla Williams and Gabriela Siebach



AAITE Report: What Employers are Looking For: A Nationwide Analysis of Job Descriptions for Translators and Interpreters in Educational Settings  Link
"Translators and Interpreters Working Together to Create a National Code of Ethics for Educational K-12 Settings" (July 2022) - Loana A. Denis Link
Remote Interpreting in Educational Settings: Best Practice Recommendations (April 2020) - AAITE Best Practices Committee PDF