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Wearing Multiple Hats?

AAITE kicked off with their first Edu-Talk of 2023 with another great topic of discussion: Wearing Multiple Hats?

Perhaps you’ve seen the job announcements before:

Liaison/Interpreter, Secretary/Translator, Translator/Interpreter, but a few examples of the types of job titles many language professionals encounter in the area of education, not forgetting, of course, the impromptu interpreting requests for any other bilingual staff member.

Dr. Holly Silvestri, led the conversation by highlighting that dual roles in interpreting is a “unique American problem since many interpreters in other countries may not be multicultural or have the bilingual pay established as part of their job components, but in the field of community interpreting”, she explains, “dual roles positions are nothing new”.

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Simultaneous or Consecutive for IEPs?

By Mireya Pérez

AAITE concluded their EduTalks for 2022 with a very hot topic for interpreters in education: Simultaneous or Consecutive for IEPs?

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